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Pet Food - Are You Unknowingly Poisoning Your Pet?

Getting a pet is a big responsibility and as a first time pet owner, you will want to give the best food to your animal. You would want to ensure that you give them healthy, nutritious food. You would not serve your family food sprayed with smelly left over fat collected from a deep fryer would you? Neither would you expect that biscuits you buy, would be made of empty wheat husks that are wastes picked off the floor. Pet food today contains highly substandard and potentially harmful substances and it is critical that you know what you are feeding your pet.
Know what is in your pet's food
With a vast number of brands in the market, you want to be sure that you choose one that is reputed and trustworthy. There are so many pet foods being recalled in the market, making a safe choice is important. There have been many questions raised with the recent beef recall, if the condemned meat is being used in processing pet food. Processed pet food as seen from the recent expose on news channels contains highly contaminated and often waste materials that are unfit for human consumption. There is a high degree of chemical content to preserve these low quality materials and what little there is of 'real' meat and vegetables is often dead due to the excessive cooking and heating that is done before processing it. You may in effect be slowly poisoning your beloved pet, in fact much of the illness is dogs arises from dietary complaints and use of such poor quality processed foods marketed under top brand names.
It is important to ensure you buy high quality food from the beginning. When a label says chicken or chicken by products on its ingredients list, make sure you know what sort of chicken is being used to make it. Chicken could be bones, what meat cuts are used and so on. Call and ask your pet shop provider to check that the meat being used is approved and inspected by the USDA. As a conscientious pet owner it is your right to find out and ensure the product you buy is not made from rejected or condemned meat. At meat markets, the choicest meat from lamb, beef, chicken, etc. are used for human consumption. What is left, mostly blood and bones are recycled into pet food. The ingredients are listed as meat by-products; a convenient term that is dubious and does not clarify exactly what cut of meat has been used.
When buying food for your pet, don't go by the pictures on the can or the cover. In addition, seeing terms like meat derivatives in the ingredient without a clear mention of the kind of meat should have you reconsidering. Most of these companies are trying to cut costs and use discarded cancerous meat, parts like beak, eyeballs, pus-filled bits etc. that are sure to cause more harm to your pet. It is far better to use raw food or regular home cooked meals much like you consume to ensure your pet's well being. Ensure that you provide the best, by making an informed choice and asking the right questions about pet food contents.

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